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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How to Assemble a Proper Emergency Roadside Kit

There is never a precise indicator for when car trouble is going to strike. Even motorists who practice regular preventative maintenance are eventually susceptible to having their vehicles break down. Who knows when it will happen or, if you will be anywhere close to your local auto repair shop? The key is to be prepared.

Those motorists who have AAA or some other type of roadside assistance can call for help. However, help is not always right on the way. There is often a wait time and, in cases where there is no cell service, motorists could be left to fend for themselves for a while. Thankfully, an expert Rock Hill mechanic at Car Guyz helped to put this list together to make things easy.  Here are some necessities to have in your car in case you should get stranded.

•    Flashlight – Just don’t keep a flashlight, but also keep some backup batteries on hand. A flashlight does you no good if there is no power.
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•    First Aid Kit – In case there are any kinds of injuries, you will be prepared to make due until professional help arrives.

•    Road Flares – Other drivers may have a hard time seeing you at night. Keep yourself noticeable as parking on a shoulder at night can be dangerous.

•    Blankets – If your car dies in the middle of winter, things could get cold in a hurry. Keep yourself warm with the aid of a blanket.

•    Snacks and Water – Help could be far away, so try to store something that does not have a short shelf life, such as energy bars or canned goods. Always have enough bottled water for each person traveling.

•    Tools – It doesn’t hurt to have some tools that might provide a fix, such as a screwdriver, wrench, socket set, pliers and duct tape.
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•    Jumper cables – The use of these could provide a quick fix to your predicament and get you right back out on the road.

•    Spare gas can – It doesn’t have to be a huge one, just one that can hold enough gas to get you to the nearest destination.

•    Fix a flat – These canisters can salvage a flat for a short while. It may be enough to get you where you need to be going. Remember, if the tire has lost too much air it is safer to use your spare tire.

The most common causes of people becoming stranded with their vehicle are dead batteries, flat tires, running out of fuel, transmission issues and locking keys in the car. Any of these causes can occur in an instant. Preparing for the unexpected can make situations a lot less difficult. Remember to customize your emergency kit based on your vehicle, amount of travelers, length of travel, and the areas you may travel. Older vehicles or long trips on remote roads may call for additional supplies. If you are aware of what problems may occur, you can be ready to fix them.

It is always best to have a professional look over your vehicle before starting a road trip. When the time comes to have your car looked over or fix your car troubles, Car Guyz can get you back out on the road with affordable prices and top quality service. For the top car repair Rock Hill SC provides, contact Car Guyz for all your auto repair needs.


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Finding The Right Auto Repair Shop

Walking into any random auto repair shop is sometimes like rolling a pair of dice. Customers cannot be certain that they will get the honest service they deserve. Here are some tips to make sure you are getting your money’s worth when it comes to automotive repair.

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Mother and daughter at their local trusted repair shop, car mechanic seen in background.

Synthetic motor oil is a common upsell in auto repair shops. However, it is actually better to use this kind of oil. It is important to know that an oil change does not need to be as frequent when using synthetic oil in your vehicle. There should be a lot more miles driven between oil changes when using synthetic oil.

Flush away the flushes. Some auto repair shops will recommend frequent power steering and coolant flushes. But if you read the fine print, most coolant and power steering fluid can last up to 50,000 miles. This tactic is usually just another way to dig deeper into your pockets. Transmission flushes also fall under the same premise and are not recommended by car manufacturers.

Request your old parts. Whatever kind of work you are having done to your vehicle, it’s your right to ask for your old parts. An honest mechanic will show you exactly what was wrong with your old part once the job is completed. A failure to do so will definitely arouse suspicion.

Name your replacement parts. Just like everything else in the world, there is a wide selection when it comes to auto parts. And just like most products, reputable name brands are the best choice. You don’t have to settle for some cheap, no-name part made in a third world country. Beware of auto repair shops that use these kinds of parts. Brake repair jobs that are lower in price can usually afford to go so low because of the cheap parts.

Know about certifications within an auto repair shop. The most reputable certifications are from the ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence). However, to become ASE certified, a mechanic must simply pass a written test. There are also eight different specialties which include brakes, engines, heating and air conditioning just to name a few. Ask your car mechanic which specialty certifications he has acquired.

Many people will look for local auto repair and tend to trust “auto repair shops near me.” Don’t be fooled by proximity. Car Guyz has been a name residents of the Charlotte area have trusted for years. Whether you are in need of a catalytic converter, brake repair or a simple oil change, Car Guyz relies on integrity, honesty and fair pricing for all of its customers.


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Routine Car Maintenance: Is Your Vehicle in Shape?

Buying and driving a car has become more than what used to be a luxurious investment; it is now considered a must for American individuals and families. For going to work and school every day, vacationing or visiting a friend or family in the next street, town or state, the car has evolved to become one of the most practical and necessary utilities to own.

For the vehicle to serve its ultimate purpose, it needs to be kept up with, it needs to be maintained. An owner should remember to keep it clean and in perfect running condition. Regular checking, testing and repairs should be performed on your air and oil filters as well as your battery, belts, hoses, tires, wiper blades, lights and many others.

As all these essential parts are subject to everyday wear and tear, and should be regularly maintained. It is the responsibility of a car owner to understand the care that it needs and to schedule routine checks at a local reputable car repair shop.

Caution: Do Not Delay!

A car can be likened to a human being. We keep our health and well being in check by visiting our physician or health practitioner on a regular basis. By neglecting this significant routine, we risk becoming unhealthy or worse, develop conditions that could have been prevented.

Deliberately disregarding a critical routine car check can have devastating effects on the vehicle, and consequently on you. Here are the three dreaded consequences of forgetting or overlooking the importance of routine maintenance:

  • Ballooning repair costs. It may sound expensive if your car needs to be checked regularly, but this is a proven way to keep your car care costs at a minimum. It doesn’t take an expert to say that a poorly maintained vehicle can lead to much higher expenses down the road.

  • Greater damage. You do not want to wait longer for these loose, defective or dirty parts to cause you bigger problems. Through regular maintenance, you are able to either prevent a potential problem or spot it right away and keep it from becoming worse.

  • Accidents. Car maintenance is critical to keeping a vehicle in full function. Those little tire noises, brake squeaks and fluid leaks are telling signs you need to pay your trusted car shop a visit right away. Drive comfortably and safety and confidence while reducing your risk of getting into road mishaps or even worse, an accident.

Go to Your Reliable Car Repair and Maintenance Team

Finding a reliable and experienced car shop for your maintenance needs is just as important as remembering to strictly follow the routine. You wouldn’t want to waste time and money on people who call themselves car specialists but only do half the job and charge hefty service fees on top of providing poor service.

In the Carolinas, Car Guyz offers a range of car repair and maintenance services for all your needs. The team of ASE certified auto technicians and repairmen services clients in Indian Land and Charlotte, so that each vehicle gets the care, repair and replacement it needs for any and all parts. Car Guyz has earned a solid reputation for quality work and reasonable rates. Learn more at

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Superior Car Performance and a Safe Drive? Think Oil Change.

Next to your home, your car may well be one of your biggest investments. Purchasing a vehicle these days is not a simple task, let alone managing repairs and keeping it in good shape. Because your car serves you and your family, you simply can’t ignore routine checks and regular maintenance. Taking proper care of your vehicle from the inside out will give you and your loved ones the peace of mind they deserve.

One of the basic elements of car maintenance is regularly changing the oil, but it is also arguably one of the more-often neglected ones. Your busy schedule may keep you from being on time for this very important routine procedure, but giving it the attention it deserves will pay off in the long run.

Are you keeping your car oil in check? Here are the best reasons why you should:

  • Ensure top engine performance. Oil changes help keep the internal parts of your engine clean and lubricated. This in turn will result in a smooth and quiet ride.

  • Avoid buildup of debris and dirt. If your engine oil hasn’t been replaced for a long time, dirt, dust and other particles (which your car tends to collect) can damage the smaller components of your vehicle. Tip: Choose high-quality oil that can keep your engine cleaner for longer.

  • Reduce friction, heat and rust. Those rods and pistons inside your car are responsible for keeping your car working like new. They need to be lubricated well and regularly to ensure that they function smoothly. Regular oil changes also prevent the engine from overheating and lessens rust build-up.

  • None of those toxic emissions. Do you drive an old car that has not exactly kept up with the regular oil changing routine? Chances are, the poor vehicle is burning dirty, old oil. More than simply subjecting your car to deterioration over time, it is also contributing to pollution that affects everyone else in and around your community.

  • Fuel savings. As a result of significantly reducing friction, your engine performs more efficiently, enabling you to boost gas mileage. At a time when gas prices are skyrocketing, the savings you enjoy because of a proper oil change routine can make a world of difference.

  • Drive your car for a very long time. If you make time for regular oil changes, you are essentially protecting your engine from deterioration and build up. Proper lubrication with fresh, clean engine oil prevents it from diluting, which can make wear and tear happen sooner. With a regular oil change, your car will ultimately extend its engine life.

As a savvy car owner, you may already know that neglecting your car will cost you more in the long run. There is definitely more to just keeping your ride clean and looking new on the outside. More importantly, failure to keep your vehicle in constant check can result in unexpected break downs and trouble on the road. Don’t wait for any of that to happen. Pay attention to your oil change routine. Trust only a reliable car care service in South Carolina to help you do this and more.


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Thursday, September 15, 2016

When do you need an auto brakes service?

It is important to know exactly when your car will need new brakes. There are several warning signs that will let you know that it's time to head over to Car Guyz for quality auto brakes service. Warning signs come in a variety of forms such as a grinding sound, excessive wheel vibration, or a slight pull to one side when the brakes are applied. When any of those things happen, it's time to get off the road and update your brakes so that your next drive is a safe one. Car Guys' auto brakes service is available on all types of cars, trucks, 18-wheelers and heavy equipment.

Residents of Charlotte and Indian Land can utilize our auto brakes service and be back out on the road in no time.Identifying any issues with your brakes could also save you money. We can fix minor brake problems before your rotors get too damaged, which would add an extra expense to your bill. At the first sign of any brake problems, drive on by and see the specialists at Car Guyz so that we can get you back to safe and secure driving.

The biggest and most obvious secret when it comes to brake repair is not to let your brakes grind down the rotors before you take it into the shop. Replacing brake pads is much cheaper than replacing rotors. The general rule is that you will likely need new brakes every 50,000 miles. But how many people actually keep track of the last time they put new brakes on their car?

The hustle and bustle of everyday life often forces us to put things on hold. But putting your brake repair on hold has its disadvantages. Keep an eye out for any brake fluid that is leaking. If this is not attended to, your brakes could fail at any unforeseen moment. That could lead to disastrous consequences. Pushing down on the brake pedal pushes the brake fluid against your rotors. If the rotor is warped or contains a bluish color, it’s definitely time for a visit to your automotive repair shop.

Knowing how your brakes work is not as important as knowing when they are starting not to work. Be on the lookout for the warning signs that indicate it is time for a brake repair. Of all the repairs you will make to your car, this one may be of the utmost importance.

If the car is pulling to one side when the brakes are applied, that is a significant warning sign. Sticking brakes have a drag to them and sometimes it seems like the engine may have lost power. When the pedal is low and you have to rear down and step on the brake, it’s time to visit the shop. An excessive amount of wheel vibration is also an excellent warning sign that it is time to get some new brakes. And if there is a grinding sound when you apply the brakes, don’t take a trip across country. Get to your local auto repair shop instead.

The average person understands brakes as the pedal you push when you want the car to stop. There is a little more to it than that. What happens when you push down on the pedal is the master cylinder pressurizes the brake fluid which sends hydraulic pressure to activate the brake caliper on the wheel. It slows down the rotating brake rotors and drums.

Cars are now equipped with an anti-lock brake system commonly known as ABS. The ABS will enable your car to be steered even down slippery or icy roads. The ABS is a computerized unit that will distribute pressure to the front brakes with the back brakes and keep the vehicle steering straight. Understanding your brakes is just one step in making your sure your brakes do not fail you. Give us a call or stop by our shop today to make sure your vehicle is in it's best possible shape for the road:

Monday, August 22, 2016

How a Custom Exhaust Can Benefit Your Vehicle

There are lots of different ways to enhance your vehicle and adding a custom exhaust is one of the best ways to make it stand out on a variety of levels. If you are considering upgrading to a custom exhaust in Rock Hill North Carolina, here is a look at all the benefits that will come with that option.


There are plenty of cars on the road with a lone tailpipe, which instantly causes a custom exhaust to stand out from the rest of the pack. There is an immediate upgrade in style with a custom exhaust, which can also enhance performance. Be prepared for the style points come in great abundance as heads will turn when you install a custom exhaust.


A stock exhaust just does not seem to have the same kind of sound as a custom exhaust. The upgrade in quality works to create a deeper sound which is a preferred choice of many vehicle owners. That sound will signify you are not driving around with an ordinary exhaust system in your vehicle. If you are interested in custom exhaust for your vehicle, contact Car Guyz Rock Hill North Carolina.


A custom exhaust will increase the air quality in your engine while that enhanced combustion will translate into a higher amount of horsepower. That amount of horsepower is specific to each engine and also contingent on the kind of custom exhaust that is installed.

Gas mileage

One of the perks of upgrading your exhaust is that your engine will have to work less in order to move your vehicle. The engine will not have to get rid of all the combustion byproducts. The end result will not be extraordinary amounts of money saved at the gas pump, but enough to where it adds up over time.

Small cars

Not all big cars and trucks are going to benefit as much as smaller cars will with a custom exhaust. Smaller cars will really see the benefits, especially ones with 4-cylinder engines. Gas mileage in smaller cars will also see a boost in gas mileage, sometimes as much as an additional 2 miles per gallon.

Car Guyz has a team of certified technicians ready to fit your vehicle with the custom exhaust of your choice. There are a wide array of exhaust options and the Car Guyz staff will help you select one that is right for you. Customers in need of brake repair, an oil change or any other kind of auto repair can also to turn to Car Guyz for all their automotive repair near Rock Hill North Carolina.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Automotive Repair Essentials

When it comes time to find an Rock Hill SC auto repair shop for your vehicle, there are several things you should know before making your choice. Here’s a look at a helpful list of qualifications every reputable auto repair service should be able to meet.

Makes and models

Most repair shops service American-made cars under the GM moniker, although other car companies produce vehicles that may be a little more complex to fix. Foreign car companies like BMW generally call for different tools that are used on specific makes and models. Be sure that the auto repair shop you choose is qualified to work on your vehicle and also has the necessary tools to do so.

Parts and accessories

Every auto repair shop will need to use replacement parts to fix various problems on various kinds of vehicles. However, not every replacement part is made of the same quality. It is a good idea to ask about these parts and accessories before allowing car repair in Rock Hill NC to be completed as it will let you do a little research of your own.

Estimates and warranties

Car owners should be wary of an auto repair shop that will try to bill them for an estimate as these are generally free of charge. Also, warranties are offered on certain types of work and vehicle owners should also raise a skeptical eye at any car mechanic who does not offer any kinds of warranties.

Labor costs

Some auto parts are rather inexpensive to replace, although some repair shops put a premium on their labor costs. It doesn’t hurt to ask about labor costs before getting any work done, being as though you don’t want to get blindsided by a high bill that is littered with excessive labor costs.

Certifications and credentials

Many technicians are ASE certified, which has become the standard in the auto repair industry. There are also factory certifications, which means car mechanics have been trained in the ways to fix vehicles from a particular manufacturer. Reputable auto repair shops have multiple factory certifications and will not be shy when it comes to showing proof of that to their customers.

Car Guyz is your top choice for a reliable and experienced auto mechanic that provides quality workmanship along with honesty and integrity. Whether you are looking for a new custom exhaust, brake repair or an oil change, Car Guyz vehicle repair can answer the call. For the best auto repair Rock Hill, SC has to offer, visit the team of professionals at Car Guyz.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Warning Signs That Your Car Is In Need Of Brake Repair

There are several indicators that it is time for brake repair and these are signs that vehicle owners should not ignore. Good brakes are essential for safety and when you experience the following warning signs, then it’s time to get to your local Car Guyz auto repair shop.


Unusual vibrations in the steering wheel or brake pedal are signs that your rotors could be starting to warp. Sometimes, the whole car even vibrates because of this issue. Drivers who brake heavily too often can also experience these vibrations.


This is an early warning sign that you are in need of new brake pads. Car owners should listen to their vehicles in these instances as continual use of squealing brakes will eventually wear down the rotors. And replacing brake pads is much less expensive than having to replace the rotors. Keep your brake pads changed out and you will not have to replace your rotors very often.


Sometimes a car will pull to the right or left when you step down on the brakes. This is a sign that the brake pads have uneven wear on either side. When braking, the car will pull to the side in which the pads are worn down.

Warning Lights

Some cars will actually let you know when there is a problem with the brakes. The brake warning light or the ABS light on the dash will illuminate. When either of those lights go on, make it a point to visit a SC car repair shop or local mechanic.

Sinking Pedal

If you press down on your brake pedal and it sinks down to the floor, then that is a definite warning sign that something is wrong. This is generally a sign that there is a leak in your brake lines. That kind of leak means that precious brake fluid is leaking and bringing danger to everyone inside the vehicle.

These are all different kinds of ways that your vehicle will communicate with you. Listen closely to your car or truck and you can save yourself from potentially dangerous situations.

When it comes time for quality brake repair in Rock Hill, visit the professionals at Car Guyz. And if you are looking for custom exhaust or a simple oil change, Car Guyz can accommodate your needs. Trust the experience and professionalism that continues to serve car owners in Rock Hill SC and the surrounding areas.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How to Prepare Your Car for A Road Trip

Heading out on a road trip requires more than just a full tank of gas. There are several steps every driver should take before embarking on any kind of road trip. Keeping the following tips in mind can make for a much safer, less stressful adventure out on the open road.

It helps to have an auto repair technician take a look at your vehicle, although you can also check out some things on your own. One of the most important areas to check is all the car’s fluid levels. This goes beyond just an oil change in Rock Hill, but could also include the power steering fluid, antifreeze, and windshield wiper fluid. Failing to do so could waste some of your road trip with service stops that could have otherwise been avoided.

If you are going somewhere in the spring months, it is a good idea to check your air conditioning. Sometimes, air conditioners can fail during the winter months as they remain unused in the cold. That is why it pays to crank up the AC and give it a test run. A service technician can take things a step further and see how much refrigerant is remaining in your air conditioner.

Good tires are imperative on any long road trip. You can go beyond just checking the air pressure in each tire. Many tires are susceptible to blowouts and a trained auto repair technician can determine whether or not your tires are safe for extensive travel.

It is also a must to make sure your brakes are in proper working order. There are usually warning signs that brakes are failing, such as squealing noises or extra give when you push down on the brake pedal. If any of these warning signs are present, see a service technician before you depart as chances are that you will need brake repair.

It is also wise to pack some essentials like jumper cables, a spare tire, road flares, maps and a first aid kit. Carrying any paperwork that details your warranties could also be a major benefit should you encounter any problems out on the road.

Before you leave for your next road trip, visit Car Guyz to make sure your car is running right. For the best in custom exhaust, catalytic converter installation, and all other types of auto repair, stop by Car Guyz in Rock Hill.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Best Ways to Track Your Vehicle History

There are plenty of ways to learn more about the history of a vehicle. This helps when purchasing a used car and is also beneficial when it’s time to sell your car. Here are some useful ways to track your vehicle history from Car Guyz of Rock Hill SC.

Vehicle Title Information System

The U.S. Department of Justice established the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System as a way to prevent stolen cars from being sold and re-entered into the DMV system. However, this is also a useful way to track the history of a vehicle. Vehicle owners cannot obtain these reports themselves, but they are distributed to various licensed providers like CarFax.

Private Title Reports

Several companies, like CarFax, have access to records of a used car which include data obtained through the Motor Vehicle Title Information System. These reports specialize in showing things like odometer readings, insurance write-offs, and damages to the vehicle, particular auto repairs made to the vehicle. Insurance carriers and junkyards must also cooperate with the companies that provide these detailed reports.

State DMV Records

You can request details on your vehicle from the state’s department of motor vehicles. This is particularly helpful when it comes to vehicles that have sustained flood damage or ones that have a salvage title. If you have the patience for it, check a vehicle’s records at your local DMV office.

VIN Check

To crack down on stolen vehicles, the National Insurance Crime Bureau set up a website called VinCheck. Simply enter a VIN number of a vehicle and the site will conduct a search to determine whether or not the vehicle has been stolen.

Pre Purchase Auto Inspection

If you are thinking about buying a used vehicle, take it by your local auto repair shop for a thorough inspection. A trained technician will be able to identify any problem areas and also determine the age of the parts are on the vehicle. This type of inspection will also be able to determine whether or not the car has undergone any body repair. A trained eye can tell you a lot about the history of a car.

Your local Car Guyz mechanics can help with any kind of inspection or auto repair needed with your vehicle. Everything from an oil change to brake repair to custom exhaust can be done with expert precision. Contact Car Guyz today and see why it has become the best in car repair Rock Hill SC has to offer.

Monday, March 14, 2016

How to Get Better Gas Mileage

Filling up your gas tank may not be as pricey as it has been in recent years, but it can still add up. That is why it is important to get the most out of every gallon of gas. Here are some ways to improve your overall gas mileage from your trusted auto repair professionals at Car Guyz.

Don’t Accelerate Hard

Starting off from a stationary spot requires more fuel to flow through the engine. Quick acceleration uses up more fuel and if you stop suddenly at an upcoming red light, the process will have to repeat itself. So instead of speeding up, gradually accelerate and then try slowing down before red lights instead of abruptly slamming on the brakes.

Slow Down

The faster you drive on a highway, the more gas you will use. Keeping your speed at 60 MPH or below will improve your gas mileage. Try to avoid speeding and it will not only keep you safer, but it will also improve what you spend at the gas pump.

Turn Off Your Engines

When you are not driving, turn off your engine and avoid burning up gas by idling. When you plan to be waiting in your car for even a few minutes, turn off your engine to maximize your gas mileage.

Service Your Vehicle

Bringing your car into an auto repair shop for regular preventative maintenance will go a long way towards making it more gas efficient. This will ensure every part of your engine is in optimum working condition. Also, don’t rely on certain kinds of motor oil or products that claim to enhance fuel economy. The trusted mechanics at Car Guys Rock Hill SC will get your vehicle where it needs to be.

Warm Your Car

Parking your car in a garage will mean that you will not have to warm up your car for as long before driving off. More fuel is used to warm up cars that are parked outdoors. Combining local trips will also save on gas money since you will have to warm up your car a less amount of times.

More Helpful Hints

Keep in mind that using four-wheel drive uses up more fuel. Accessories, such as roof racks, cause more wind resistance which hurts your fuel efficiency. Low tire pressure will also hurt your gas mileage.

The friendly neighborhood mechanics at Car Guyz Rock can help with all types of car maintenance and customization. This includes brake repair, oil change, custom exhaust and much more. For the best auto repair Rock Hill has to offer, contact the team of trained professionals at Car Guyz.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Get Your Car Ready For the Winter

The winter months can make for harsh conditions which can negatively affect your vehicle. Preparing for the winter season is key into defeating the elements of nature. Here are some helpful ways to get your car ready for the winter months from your friends at Car Guyz Rock Hill.

Check the Wear of Your Tires

It is important to have sufficient tread on your tires to combat the wintry roads. Check your tires to make sure there is plenty of tread and also look out for warped or bald tires. Each tire should also be inflated to a specific amount of pounds per square inch. 

Maintain Visibility

An unforeseen bout of snow, rain or sleet will bring forth the need to see clearly when you are driving. Make sure your wiper blades are up to par as they should be changed out at least once every six months. Visibility also applies to the back window as that should be cleaned and equipped with a fresh wiper blade if the option is available. 

Put Together Roadside Emergency Assistance Kit

You can keep first aid supplies handy, but it also helps to have road flares, blankets and ponchos. Keeping some spare cash in your vehicle is also a good idea as snowstorms could cause outages which may prevent businesses from running credit cards. It is also a good idea to stock up on bottled water.

Ready the Radiator 

Filling up on antifreeze is an essential during the winter months. It also won’t hurt to keep some spare antifreeze in the trunk of your vehicle. This is a way to protect your engine at all times and help you avoid constant auto repair services

Gas Up

Don’t let your gas tank ever dip below the halfway mark. This will enable you to stay warm should you need to stand by and wait for roadside assistance should a problem arise with your vehicle. This will also help in long traffic jams that may be a result of a winter snowstorm.

Pay Attention to Your Car

If you hear some unusual noises coming from your engine, don’t wait as they could manifest into bigger problems. Also, take your car to a service station when your check engine light comes on and see that it is serviced regularly. 

Car Guyz is your complete service station that will make sure your car is ready for the winter months. Whether you are a local resident or just passing through, you can always trust the mechanics at Car Guyz to take care of your vehicle. Visit us if you are looking for a speedy oil change, brake repair or any other kind of auto repair in Rock Hill, Car Guyz is your complete service center.  

Monday, January 18, 2016

How to Identify a Trustworthy Car Mechanic

Fixing a vehicle is a complex process, one not everyone can do. So when your car needs brake repair, a new serpentine belt or a catalytic converter, you need to make sure you are going to get your money’s worth. Here are some ways to identify a trustworthy car mechanic in Rock Hill who won’t take advantage of you.

They Will Show You the Issue

A trustworthy car mechanic will not only tell you what is wrong, but they will also be willing to show you the problem. It is a very good idea to ask for some kind of proof before any auto repairs are made to your vehicle. If the mechanic is hesitant about providing proof, immediately go somewhere else.

Do Some Checking Around

There are plenty of online sites where people can share the experiences they’ve had with certain businesses. If an auto repair shop has no online reviews, it should raise a bit of a question mark. Also, don’t hesitate to ask around. If there is a local repair shop by you, chances are that someone you know has been there. Ask about their experience.

Ask For a Written Estimate

When you visit an auto repair shop, ask for written estimates before any work is done on your vehicle. A written estimate will include the cost of parts and labor. When something is provided in writing prior to any work being done, mechanics are less inclined to charge more than is necessary.

Compare Your Estimates

When getting any major auto repair done to your vehicle, it is advisable to get more than one estimate. Compare your estimates side by side and gauge which mechanic was more forthright with the repairs you truly need. It will show you who you can trust.

Ask to Keep Your Old Parts

A mechanic that repairs something that is not broken is not going to want to hand you the old parts. By immediately asking for your old parts, you will be able to measure a mechanic’s trust level. If he hesitates or does not want to comply, it is a good sign that he is not to be trusted. If he openly embraces the idea, it is a positive sign.

When you find yourself in search of a trustworthy auto mechanic, Car Guyz is the right choice in Fort Mill. Employing an honest team of trained professionals, Car Guyz will fix only what is broken while also showing you exactly what is wrong and just how it will be repaired.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

What it Means When Your Check Engine Light Turns On

It is not uncommon for a driver’s check engine light to illuminate. Just because this happens, there is no reason for immediate panic as it may be just a minor issue. This is something you can address with your local auto repair mechanic.

It is important to note that cars made after 1996 are designed with a diagnostic system that runs random checks on a number of components within the vehicle. When a problem is detected, the check engine light is illuminated on the driver’s control panel.

The first thing anyone in this situation should do is check the fuel cap. When the cap on your fuel tank is not completely tightened, it could activate your check engine light. Give it a couple of extra clicks to make sure it is thoroughly tightened.

Detecting the source that activates your check engine light is no easy task. Some cars have as many as 1,000 codes that could prompt that light going on. The best advice for any driver is to seek out the help of a professional. Some states will even fail a car’s inspection if the check engine light is activated. Meanwhile, it may be a warning sign that something is amiss, so taking care of it right away is a prudent move.

The reason behind the light going on could be a bad ignition coil, damaged spark plug, failing catalytic converter, faulty vacuum hose, or a malfunctioning air flow sensor which has to do with your car’s exhaust system. That last one would not keep your car from starting but it would affect your fuel efficiency.

An auto repair shop can easily run a diagnostic check of your system to pinpoint the problem. Speculating on what the problem may be, without any car mechanic training, could just lead to frustration and unnecessary worry about hypothetical scenarios.

The good news is that the check engine lights does not usually serve as a warning sign for something disastrous. Now, if the oil light comes on, it provides much more reason to worry. Some check engine lights have to be reset as well. The bottom line is that it is a complex system unable to be fully understood without the proper diagnostics.

If your check engine light comes on, put your mind at ease by visiting the best auto repair Fort Mill and Charlotte have to offer. The professionals at Car Guyz can run a complete check and figure out the issue affecting your vehicle and fix it at an affordable price.

Monday, November 16, 2015

How to Extend the Life of Your Brakes

auto service charlotte, 1969 Mustang
1969 Mustang BOSS 429
Sooner or later, the brakes on your car will need to be changed. However, brake repair does not always have to be a costly expense. There are ways to get the most out of your brakes and extend their use as long as you possibly can before having to get them changed. Here’s some helpful tips on how you can extend the life of your brakes.

Slow Down

Driving at higher speeds puts more wear and tear on your brakes. The simple difference between 65 mph and 55 mph is drastic. Just that 10 mph difference requires a third more energy to stop. The more you use your brakes at high speeds, the quicker they will wear down.

Flush Your Brake Fluid

Brake fluid does not last forever and should be changed periodically. Allowing your Charlotte auto repair shop to flush it out will also make the brakes last longer by keeping all its components in better working condition.

Don’t Ride the Brake

Maintaining pressure on the brakes while coasting may be the worst thing you can do to your brakes. What happens is your breaks start to heat up, which quickly deteriorates the actual brake pads. Overheated brakes can pose a real danger.

Avoid Heavy Loads

The heavier your car, the more difficult it will be to stop. Carrying heavy loads will force your brakes to work overtime. Keep in mind that this applies to heavy loads with a lot of pounds and not just some extra laundry or groceries.

Slow Before You Stop

Some people have a habit of stomping the brake right behind another car when in traffic. Slowing down first and gently applying the brakes will not only keep your car from jerking, it will also extend the life of your brakes.

Stay a Good Distance Behind Other Cars

Following cars too closely could force you to jam on the brakes in an effort to stop. Not only is this an unsafe driving method, it is very bad for your brakes. Remember to maintain a safe distance when trailing another vehicle to avoid frequent braking and lockups.

Listen to Your Brakes

If there is any noise at all when you brake, seek out a service technician immediately. You may need new brake pads, but continuing to drive on them will wear down your rotors as well. Replacing brake pads is far cheaper than having to replace your rotors, which can cause your bill to increase significantly.

Car Guyz Mechanic has everything drivers need when it comes to new brakes, custom exhaust and all other kinds of auto repair. Car Guyz’ team of certified technicians will make sure your brake repair is quick and efficient at very affordable pricing.

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Why Custom Exhaust Will Benefit For Your Vehicle

An extra amount of torque and horsepower are not always part of the upgrade when it comes to buying a car. Fortunately, those two options are readily available to enhance your driving experience. Getting a custom vehicle exhaust system installed can make for a much more enjoyable drive from Car Guyz SC.

motorcycle exhaust
When car manufacturers produce new models of cars, many of them are going to come with a relatively inexpensive exhaust system. Adding a better exhaust system will provide a host of benefits to car owners.

Unlike a stock exhaust system, custom systems provide a more efficient way for exhaust to be released. As a result, your engine will breathe more efficiently. What happens is the fuel you use leaves the combustion chamber at a more rapid pace. And when both fuel and air are burned at a quicker pace, more power is created.

A close listen to a car’s engine will denote the differences between one with a stock exhaust system and one with a custom exhaust. Ask any Rock Hill NC auto repair mechanic and they will tell you that a custom system is considered to be the better of the two, although it is not excessively louder. However, there is a deeper sound that can really be identified when the driver accelerates.

Airflow is important through the engine and that is precisely the area that a custom exhaust system aims to improve. The overall performance of your vehicle is increased dramatically with a custom exhaust.

The custom exhaust is designed to serve two primary functions and its actual composition is evident of those two functions. One function can be described as silencing the engine. This can actually be seen in the tailpipe diameter as well as the amount of chambers in the system. The second function is maximizing engine performance. The length and shape of the custom exhaust evidences its performance capabilities. The end result is more miles per gallon, an increase in horsepower and additional pounds of torque.

There are also plenty of options to choose from when selecting your custom exhaust. Stainless steel is a popular choice as it contains chromium which fights off corrosion. Aluminized coated steel is another option, one that is a little cheaper than stainless steel.

When it comes time to fit your vehicle with a custom exhaust system, Car Guyz SC has you covered from start to finish. Options are also available for all types of auto repair, oil changes and brake repair as well. For the best custom exhaust Rock Hill has to offer, contact the team of trained professionals at Car Guyz.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Oil Change Upsells To Avoid

Auto repair shops are in the business of making money. So when someone walks into a shop and requests an oil change, there is only so much money to be made. That is why a lot of auto repair shops attempt to upsell.

Wiper blades are another add-on item that many auto shops try to push. The price of wiper blades is marked up significantly from what they would cost at a retail store.

Over the course of an oil change, it is common for many service technicians to try to sell customers a new air filter*. First, ask to see your air filter. It is recommended to change an air filter when it becomes excessively dirty. Keep in mind that any used air filter is going to look a bit bad next a brand new one that is a pristine white color. Make sure your air filter really is in need of a change and not just a little dirty. Some car manufacturers recommend changing an air filter every 30,000 miles while others go as high as 45,000 miles. The frequency can increase depending on driving conditions. For instance, if you drive dusty dirt roads everyday there may be a need to change the filter every 15,000 miles or so.
(*If you have a permanent filter check to make sure it was not replaced or thrown away by accident. Unfortunately, we have heard of this happening to people going to other shops.)

Be a little wary of a car mechanic who is trying to sell you a coolant flush, especially if they ask every time you come around. While this process definitely has its advantages, such as ridding dirt and corrosion, it is only recommended every couple years or as often as the air filter is change. This will vary based on driving habits, same as the air filter. If your vehicle is new and has “long-life” antifreeze it may not be necessary to change the first 100,000 miles. But be sure the always check periodically for burnt or leaked fluids. 

While going to get an oil change, you might hear the word ‘overdue’. This word is used to strike fear into drivers. When you hear a mechanic use this buzz word, be wary of what you are overdue for. Things like radiator flushes and installing a new fuel filter are two ways of using the word ‘overdue’ as sort of a scare tactic. You are not overdue every time you go for an oil change.

Wiper blades are another add-on item that many auto shops try to push. The price of wiper blades is marked up significantly from what they would cost at a retail store. Installation takes a matter of seconds, although that simple process is what some mechanics use to justify their high prices.

The bottom line is that if you walk in for a simple oil change and suddenly face a slew of costly recommendations, get a second opinion. When there is truly something wrong with your car, another mechanic will see it. However, don’t reveal any of those proposed upsells when taking your car to get a second opinion.

It is a shame that some service repair shops will use cheap oil changes as a way of getting customers into their door, so that they can attempt to upsell services that are really not needed. Car Guyz does not use any such tactics. Honesty and integrity are guaranteed with every type of auto service repair from oil changes to brake repair to installing a new catalytic converter.


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Knowing When and Why to Rotate Your Tires

Tire rotation is a common service offered by many Rock Hill auto repair shops. However, a car mechanic may tell you that you need your tires rotated far too often. There are tremendous advantages that come with rotating your tires, although it is also an advantage to know exactly when it is the right time and exactly why you are doing it.

Your owner’s manual will offer recommendations on when you should rotate your tires. The general rule is every 5,000 – 10,000 miles or approximately every six months. Nevertheless, not everyone has the time to monitor how far a car has traveled in the last six months. Fortunately, there are other signs.

Uneven tread on your tires is the first warning sign. That will signal a driver not just because of the way it looks, but there is also likely to be a humming sound emitted from the tires. The way a tire feels is also an indicator. By running your hand across the tire, you will be able to feel for any unevenness in the tread.

Yellow Lamborghini's tires
Tire rotations can be done from front to back to reduce irregular wear. The inside of the tire wears down a lot less than the outside and the back tires do not suffer as much wear and tear as the front tires. That is because there is more weight in the front of the car. For those reasons, it makes sense to switch the tires around every so often.

Properly rotating your tires will make it simple when it’s time to purchase new ones. Instead of purchasing tires individually, they can be bought in fours. Often times SC car repair shops will offer deals when you buy multiple tires at once, which can save you a good chunk of money. But the proper and consistent rotation of tires will allow you to get more miles. It will also ensure a higher level of safety. After all, that is the most important reason for tire rotation.

Another benefit of tire rotation is that it will allow the car to brake easier. Handling the car will also be easier as there will be a better overall balance to the vehicle.  The grip on your tires will be improved as well, which could help immensely when driving in poor weather conditions. Lastly, you will experience a much quieter ride and that can always be an added bonus.

So you don’t have to jump at the chance to rotate your tires whenever the question is asked, but do not shy away from it either. When that time comes, trust that Car Guyz mechanics can get the job done right as the best auto repair Rock Hill has to offer.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Car Guyz Launches New Website Highlighting Top-rated Car Repair Services in the Carolinas

Car Guyz, a leading car repair company based in Indian Land, SC, proudly announces the launch of The new website provides customers with a glimpse of the outstanding services and high quality repairs they can expect from the CarGuyz team.

Servicing clients in Charlotte NC and Indian Land SC, Car Guyz is the go-to shop for car owners who want their vehicles to stay in tip-top shape. Equipped with the latest car repair facilities, coupled by a team of highly trained and skilled auto repair experts, the company has earned the confidence of clients since its inception in 2011.

“The vision,” said owner Mike Saccucci, “was to provide Carolina residents with an automotive repair service they could trust.” presents in full detail the quality auto repairs and services offered by the staff, including Brake Repair, Custom Exhaust, Catalytic Converters and Oil Changes. The team’s ASE certified mechanics and service technicians also offer routine maintenance and general car repair services. They are trained to evaluate every kind of problem and to identify issues before they become worse. As a result, clients don’t only have the peace of mind that their car is in capable hands; they also get to save money in the long run.

The Car Guyz team recognizes that their repair services are vital to keep any kind of vehicle running and ensure the safety of its driver and passengers. For these reasons, the team commits to ensuring that they pay close attention to detail so that all car repair, maintenance and service jobs are done right.

“From beginning to end, we put special care into every point of service. We double and triple check every vehicle before it leaves our shop,” the Car Guyz team emphasized, adding that the company offers various warranties and stands by the quality of their work.

One of the many satisfied customers at Car Guyz enthused about their service: “The staff at Car Guyz are great. They will tell you exactly what you need and won’t try to upsell you like a lot of chain places. It’s not like you are dealing with a salesman. You get real people who are not out to make an extra buck on unsuspecting customers.”

For more information, visit


Owned by Mike Saccucci, Car Guyz opened for business in an aim to provide North and South Carolina car owners with a dependable car repair service. The trusted auto repair, maintenance and general services shop serves car owners in the Indian Land, Charlotte, Ballantyne, Indian Land, Marvin, Weddington and Waxhaw areas. Learn more at